TOMAL AB – Company presentation

Tomal AB was founded in the beginning of the fifties by Tomas Alwerud (1922-2000). The company is located in Vessigebro, in the countryside. We are close to Falkenberg on the Swedish west-coast. More about Falkenberg city


Tomas Alwerud made a number of interesting inventions. The most successful was the Tomal AB double-screw feeder. In 1977 Alwerud decided to sell the company and he moved to California. The buyer of the company was Zander & Ingeström / Alfa Laval.

The feeders were developed further and Tomal AB soon became the market leader in Scandinavia, offering development, manufacturing and sales of custom-made turn-key metering equipment for solids. We also went into markets outside the environmental sector and subsequently the pulp and paper industry became our most important industrial area. In 1992 Tomal AB was transferred to Bran+Luebbe, another Alfa Laval company.

At the end of 2001, after 24 years within international groups, Tomal AB once again became an independently owned company when Man. Dir. Jan-Olof Nilsson bought all the shares from Bran+Luebbe.


In November 2005, 70% of the shares were acquired by ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, a family-owned company in Heidelberg, Germany. 30% was still owned by Man. Dir. Jan-Olof Nilsson. On the 1st of January 2009 ProMinent acquired the remaining 30% of the shares and Teddy Eriksson became the Managing Director, and in 2022 Linda Kallenberger took over as Managing Director.


ProMinent was founded 1960 by Prof. Dr. Viktor Dulger. ProMinent is the reliable solutions partner for water treatment and a manufacturer of components and systems for chemical fluid handling.

Today 80% of our sales are for export to more than 35 countries and our key component is the Tomal AB multi-screw feeder. It is manufactured in a number of different sizes and adapted for many different chemicals. At least two screws work together to ensure highly uniform discharge and high accuracy.

When feeding difficult arch-building materials, the multi-screw feeder with five or seven screws is especially appropriate. The feeding screws are self-cleaning due to their unique construction.The Tomal AB PolyRex polymer make-up unit is a very successful product with one of the smaller multi-screw feeders as an important part.


Last, but not least, Tomal AB has a stable and experienced working staff with a very high grade of know-how. This is very important when you are designing and selling custom-made metering systems for solids.


Linda Kallenberger
Managing Director