NCC Kärra

NCC Kärra

Wood power feeding plant

Leverans: August 2013

Kund: NCC Roads asphalt plant, Hisings Kärra (Asphalt plant)

Application: Storage and feeding of wood powder for asphalt aggregate production.

The NCC Roads Hisings Kärra asphalt plant utilizes wood powder fuel in their process for heating and drying of aggregates used in asphalt production.

Tomal AB has delivered to NCC Roads AB a wood powder storage and feeding plant. The wood powder is used to fuel a burner for the drying drum in the aggregate preparation process.

A key feature of the Tomal AB system is its ability to feed wood powder to the burner at a uniform rate, without pulsations. This is essential for proper functioning of the burner and drying drum. The wood powder is reliably discharged without interruption.

The delivery includes a 250 m3; storage silo and a 4 ton/hour feeding line, about 20 MW fuel. Tomal AB provided freight, construction, electrical installation and commissioning.

To assure health and safety of the machinery operators Tomal provides CE Declaration of Conformity (2A) to EC Directive 2006/42/EC.