– Quality assurance is a strategic task within Tomal AB that involves every employee. It is expected that each employee shall aim to improve our quality, competitiveness and customer benefit.


– Our implementation of quality assurance, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, encompasses all of our activities. It includes all of our customers, both internal and external. Goods and services shall be delivered on time and in the quality expected according to the agreed conditions.


– We as individuals and as a company perform in such a way that every delivery will provide a recommendation for future business and confirm Tomal AB’s reputation as a reliable business partner. Regular checks are made to evaluate whether we are meeting our customers’ expectations.


– Leadership within the company involves a commitment to reach our quality goals.


Tomal is an engineering company and our products are widely used for water and flue gas cleaning. Our ambition is to continually reduce our environmental impact and to prevent pollution of water, soil and air.


– We are commited to continually reduce the company´s energy consumption.


– We comply with applicable environmental legislation and other applicable laws and regulations.


– We give priority to contactors and suppliers who have an active environmental policy.


– We train our staff in how to take more account of the environment in their daily work and make better environmental performance.


– We prioritize transports that are environmentally certified.


Information regarding recycling
The crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol on your product, literature, or packaging reminds you that all electrical and electronic products and accumulators must be taken to separate collection at the end of their working life. This requirement applies in the European Union. Do not dispose of these products as unsorted municipal waste. Always return your used electronic products and packaging materials to a dedicated collection point. This way you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials. Batteries can contain mercury, lead or cadmium – substances that are harmful to our health and our environment. More detailed information is available from the product retailer, local waste authorities or your national producer responsibility organization.

Tomals commitment

Tomal has a collection system whereby Tomal takes back discarded electrical equipment when a product that Tomal has delivered, shall be disposed of.


Through this system, Tomal is able to make sure that electrical equipment is handled in an environmentally safe way and that the WEEE- and battery directives are fulfilled. When Tomal sells a piece of electrical equipment, Tomal undertakes to take care of a piece of discarded electrical equipment that has comparable functions to the piece of electrical equipment that is being replaced. This applies even when the discarded electrical equipment is of a different brand. In this case, Tomal reserves the right to charge a fee to cover any extra costs in handling such electrical equipment. Contact Tomal for more information before returning products that have not been manufactured or sold by Tomal.

Tomal is accountable for all costs of handling, treating and recycling of returned Tomal electrical equipment, in accordance with the WEEE- and battery directives. Returned electrical equipment must not contain or be contaminated with substances which are dangerous for the health or for the environment. The end user pays for the return transport to Tomal.


Contact Tomal for more information before returning a product that has been manufactured or sold by Tomal.