SCA Ortviken

SCA Ortviken

Wood powder feeding plant

Leverans: September 2013

Kund: Andritz AB, Örnsköldsvik

Application: Wood powder storage and feeding for steam production.

Following the successful delivery of a similar plant to SCA Östrand, Tomal AB has delivered a new plant for storage and feeding of wood powder to SCA Ortviken.

In this application wood powder is delivered to burners on two boilers that produce steam for both SCA Ortviken and for district heating in the nearby city of Sundsvall.

Equipment delivered includes:

  • One storage silo, 250 m3.
  • Two discharge units, each delivering 84 m3/hour to its own day silo.
  • Two day silos, 7m3 each.
  • Seven feeding lines. 6 × 3.7 ton/hour and 1 × 2.3 ton/hour, amounting to approximately 120 MW of fuel.
  • A pneumatic system that conveys fuel from feeders to burners.
  • A turn-key system including freight, construction and commissioning.


Reasons for choosing Tomal AB:

  • The unique properties of the Tomal feeder results in even flow without pulsations. This makes it possible to reach low emissions of SOX and CO in the flue gas.
  • Tomal could deliver and take responsibility for the complete storage and feeding plant.
  • The successful delivery of a similar plant at SCA Östrand July 2011.
  • Tomal is market leader and can present several well-functioning references.